A Gemini protocol client library for Common Lisp. This does not implement a full client, just the core URL retrieval method. It is intended to be used in full clients, or scripts that need to retrieve data via Gemini, such as feed aggregators. https://jfm.carcosa.net
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This is a very basic Gemini client library for Common Lisp. The interface is basically similar to that of the Drakma HTTP library. This isn’t a complete client; it includes basically only the networking routines you would build an actual client around, and is intended for use in actual clients and scripts such as feed aggregators.


CL-USER> (defparameter *my-response* (gemini-client:gemini-request
CL-USER> (gemini-client:response-status *my-response*)
CL-USER> (gemini-client:response-meta *my-response*)

By default, gemini-request reads the whole response into either a string or a vector of bytes, depending on whether the content-type is text or not. You can pass the keyword argument :want-stream to get a binary stream, instead. Redirects will be automatically followed, with a default limit of 5 redirects. You can pass a client certificate in the :client-certificate keyword argument.