ecosystem of gemmit an aggregation and web content rating website for gemini://
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aggregation and web content rating website for gemini://

Gemmit relies on an ecosystem of open technologies. When using Gemmit you’ll want to use tools outside of the website to upvote your favorite feeds or to read your favorite feeds.

Project Gemini

The Atom Syndication Format




Gemmit is used to seek out great ATOM/RSS Feeds, once you find a feed you need a way to subscribe and read it.


Note that all feeds submitted to Gemini must include a rel=“payment” link. The generators listed will need to be modified in order to include the link within the author tag. I welcome any developers to modify an existing solution or to create a new feed generator. At this point in time it should manually be added after generation:

As long as the atom feed is formatted correctly, Gemini will accept feeds valiable via http:// or gemini://.

It is not required, but it is recommended for your feed entries to be gemini links. Remaining within the gemini browser makes it for a faster and better overall user experience.

  • GMIToAtomFeed (Perl) - CGI script to generate an Atom feed for your Gemini log by parsing your gemlog index summary
  • Gemfeed (Python) - tool for generating Atom feeds for directories of text/gemini files
  • Flounder (Go) - A small site builder for the Gemini protocol, atom feeds are generated for you by the site.
  • html2gmi (Go) - Could be used to go from an existing html blog to gmi, then an atom feed could be generated after that
  • md2gmi (Python) - Markdown to gmi


    Note that no readers currently support rel=“payment” links included within feeds. Until there is client support it is recommended to display the uri the feed’s content


  • Amfora (Go) - gemini cli browser that includes features to subscribe to feeds


  • Lagrange - gemini mobile browser that includes features to subscribe to gemini feeds (atom/rss unsupported at this time)


  • Lagrange © - gemini gui browser that includes features to subscribe to gemini feeds (atom/rss unsupported at this time)

Any other Feed reader would be supported, but you will have to use a Gemini to http proxy such as or use http feeds


Readers can pay the authors/curators of feeds by paying them with cryptocurrencies. Monero is supported at this time, any other public blockchains can easily be supported.

QR Codes

Gemmit is not responsible for accepting payments or for even display addresses for authors.

At this time there are no open source feed readers that support rel=“payment” urls, so it is important that the author display their address within their feed / gemini logs.

QR codes should utilize uri formatting: monero:46BeWrHpwXmHDpDEUmZBWZfoQpdc6HaERCNmx1pEYL2rAcuwufPN9rXHHtyUA4QVy66qeFQkn6sfK8aHYjA3jk3o1Bv16em?tx_amount=239.39014&tx_description=donation

QR codes are great way to display an address


Monero is private digital cash. It is a great way to tip your favorite creator. Each tip is considered a vote on Gemmit.

Gemmit requires feeds to contain a Monero address and a Monero view key. The view key only reveals incoming transactions, outgoing transactions are kept private. Incoming transactions need to be revealed in order to rank feeds on the site.


  • XMRig - Monero doesn’t have to be purchased, it is easy to mine with any desktop computer.


  • MyMonero - The MyMonero lightwallet is the quickest way to generate a wallet to start earning on Gemmit. Web, Desktop, and Mobile clients exist.

  • Official - The official Monero Wallet includes GUI and CLI applications


Gemmits design was sensitive to that fact that everyone has their preferred currency. Tips could be denominated in BCH or USDC, it just takes someone to build it.


Gemmit accepts any atom feed that is formatted correctly with a rel=“payment” link and does not try to solve the identity problem.

Due to this it is easy to claim another persons’ work as your own. Therefore as a security / identity measure it is important that the feeds that you publish to Gemmit reference a domain that is know to be owned by you.


  • Gemmit Mooo - gemini://


Feeds can be automated via scripting


Contributions welcome! Read the contribution guidelines first.