An experiment in scalable routing as an encrypted IPv6 overlay network

Updated 4 days ago

A magical vue admin (Pleroma admin-fe uses this)

Updated 2 weeks ago

Mirrored repo from, which is a fork from

Updated 5 years ago

Just a test repo to verify correct operations of Gitea

Updated 1 year ago disassembly attempts. Cloned from:

Updated 1 year ago

mirror of Generic LitePub relay (works with all LitePub consumers and Mastodon) at

Updated 8 months ago

Pro Git 2nd Edition

Updated 1 day ago

Mirror of official Pleroma repo at

Updated 8 minutes ago

A sensible, modern pastebin.

Updated 1 week ago

Simple Lua CGI script for getting information about Fediverse instances

Updated 1 year ago

A collection of scripts and howtos related to the installation and administration of the Mystic Internet Server (Mystic BBS)

Updated 11 months ago

Mirror of mutt from mirror. Original at: - Website:

Updated 6 hours ago

A fork of the GNU Social/AP-compatible microblogging server NOTE: This is @gled's fork of Mastodon - the instance we run here at NorthTech as a public, general purpose, Fediverse server.

Updated 3 months ago

🚀 An experimental gemini server gemini:// - run at gemini:// and run gegobi at gemini://

Updated 1 week ago

Browse Hacker News in Gopherspace gopher://

Updated 10 months ago

A webclient for Mastodon and Pleroma which looks like Twitter

Updated 2 weeks ago

Gophernicus is a modern full-featured (and hopefully) secure gopher daemon - run at gopher://

Updated 9 months ago

mirror of, which is a fork of

Updated 1 year ago

Originally developed from and forked by

Updated 9 months ago